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AMA Family Medical December 13, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

American Medical Association Family Medical Guide

The American Medical Association Family Medical Guide (DK Multimedia) is about as good as The Family Doctor, with different strengths and weaknesses. The strength here is as an overall home reference tool; in other words, this is the CD-ROM most likely to save your life. If you’re choking, burning, entering shock, or doing anything else that might be cured at home, pop in this disc and you’ll have some suggestions in a matter of moments. You can also learn a smattering about diseases, drugs, the human body, and diagnostic imaging techniques. Multimedia is lean but present, which also describes the information pretty well. There are certain advantages to superficiality; when your jelly roll is stuck in your esophagus, you might not be interested in having seven encyclopedic databases at your fingertips. When you’re doing serious research, however, you’ll find AMA’s Family Medical Guide woefully inadequate.

– May 1996


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