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Strategy Games of the World December 12, 2008

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Strategy Games of the World

A five dollar magnetic travel board that plays chess and backgammon is, by anybody’s standards, a piece of junk, albeit one with a purpose; a CD-ROM, in theory, represents the latest and greatest incarnation of man’s technical ability. If only the two were mutually exclusive. Strategy Games of the World (Edmark – ages 8-14) could easily be one of those plastic boards, except that you wouldn’t get the aggressively ordinary graphics and music. Three games are on this disc: Mancala, Nine Men’s Morris, and Go-Moku. What are the benefits of putting this on CD-ROM? There’s the aforementioned graphics and music, neither of which merit comment; there’s the fact that you can play the computer at one of three skill levels, which is worth something, we suppose; there’s help available, and there are short animations that explain the origin and history of the games. Edmark charges $40.00. It’s not worth half that.

– July 1996

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