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Opening Night December 12, 2008

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Opening Night

Perhaps the best of the new creativity tools is Opening Night (MECC – ages 8 & up). This powerful program casts you as author, director, producer, stage manager, lighting crew, orchestra, and everything else required to put on a show. Forty actors and over 100 sets provide exponentially more options than other similar CD-ROMs; your characters will pretty much do whatever you want, including move their feet when they walk, sit and stand, point, react, turn around, collapse, fight, take notes, and much more. Although the choice of characters and locales encourages one to create a Victorian mystery, enterprising users can easily twist the program to fit their whims. The few slight drawbacks of the Opening Night experience – slow running speed and artificial-sounding voice synthesizers – are the results of current computer technology, and not the fault of the disc’s creators. Instead of focusing on superficial flash (like Microsoft’s 3D Moviemaker), the disc focuses on creating a coherent and possibly complex story line. It’s really up to you. We’re sure that the disc does “sharpen language skills” and teach about the theater, as advertised, but the reason you’ll spend hours with it is that it’s simply a ton of fun. This CD-ROM is for everybody from the ambitious child to the frustrated film-maker; a wealth of digital resources combine to offer opportunities that have heretofore been denied to all but a few lucky theater auteurs.

– March 1996, Creativity Tools


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