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Jump Start Toddlers December 12, 2008

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Kid’s Education

JumpStart Toddlers

JumpStart Toddlers (Knowledge Adventure – ages 1?-3) is meant for a very young audience (maybe too young for some of the material). Giggles, a ditzy gopher, leads you to eight different play areas to learn basic vocabulary, numbers, colors, shapes, and musical instruments, as well as the computer. Graphics are cheerful although the animations could be more imaginative. The same is true for the songs; the lyrics are less-than-outstanding – “kitties are nice meow meow, kitties love mice meow meow” – but toddlers don’t seem to mind. When the voices and/or the songs become too much, or the activities become boring, you can stop and move on to something else. This is an obvious plus in a program for the very young, but plenty of programs don’t give you this option. JumpStart Toddlers is a low-key introduction to elementary learning. It’s fun and engaging without any pressure. If you child is ready for the computer, this is a good place to start.

– August 1996



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  1. paul Says:

    On December 1st, Knowledge Adventure, the leader in adventure-based learning games for 3-to-10 year olds, launched its highly anticipated JumpStart virtual world online. We invite everyone to go to http://www.jumpstart.com and experience the first immersive 3D virtual world for kids, where they will find games, learning activities and missions that challenge and entertain. We also have created fan clubs on Facebook and MySpace to help parents connect with others and share their thoughts and experiences about their children’s success at school and at play.

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