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Morph Movies December 11, 2008

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1995 iN!-Ovation Award

Morph Movies

The technology that allowed Spielberg to animate dinosaurs and Michael Jackson to change into a panther is now available for those who aspire to manipulate reality in the privacy of their own homes. Morph Movies (Jasmine Multimedia/Gryphon) contains all the basic tools needed to perform the cinematic sleight-of-hand known as morphing –the dynamic, animated, and occasionally breathtaking process that uses a computer to blend separate images together. The technology is fairly new even for the boys at Industrial Light and Magic (James Cameron made the first big morphing splash only four years ago, with Terminator II; Madison Avenue hasn’t yet found any better application for the process than a shaving commercial), which makes the appearance of this program uncharacteristically generous. Now even the humblest, most self-conscious student film can compete with the big studios in terms of eye-popping special effects. Morph Movies provides a tremendous amount of power with a minimum of confusion. Scan in a photograph of yourself, and accomplish in five minutes what rhinoplasty could never hope to achieve. Morph an ex-spouse into the predator of your choice to achieve the perfect Christmas card. Animate your creations into short movies (then transfer them, if you choose, to film or video) or just check out each incremental stage of your experiment via still pictures. The dense, technical nature of the program is effectively diluted by video clips of easy going, soothingly bald techies who explain in plain English how to navigate Morph and make it work for you. Don’t be intimated by the gargantuan ‘read me’ manual; skip it, and jump right in with the half-page help section. Morph Movies is that rare bird whose potential truly is limited only by the user’s imagination.

– May 1995

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