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American Heritage Talking Dictionary, The December 10, 2008


The American Heritage Talking Dictionary

The reason to choose The American Heritage Talking Dictionary (Softkey) is obvious: it talks. This is useful for children and for those studying English, but it is only occasionally valuable to the rest of us. That said, it’s a perfectly fine program. You get a dictionary and a thesaurus which you can use separately or together. You’ll find all the standard features including browse, results (a history of your search), arrows to toggle backwards and forwards, options, copy, and print. For searches, you get “Word Hunter”, which seems overly complicated. If you are a crossword enthusiast you’ll appreciate “Anagrams”, which offers just what the name implies, and the “wild card” feature, which allows you to type in as many letters of a word as you know before supplying possible solutions. There’s plenty of slang included, so kids will find the proper male and female voices pronouncing common vulgarities hilarious. That may not be a good enough reason to buy this disc, but there’s always that twice in a lifetime occurrence when you have a bet riding on the pronunciation of “chamois” that you’ll be glad you did.

– May 1995

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