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Shoot Video Like a Pro December 9, 2008

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How-To Guides

Shoot Video Like A Pro

You won’t have any problems with Shoot Video Like A Pro (Zelos). There’s a easy graphical interface with lots of little buttons that lead to video clips of ‘Pros’, operate the controls of a ‘virtual’ camera, and so on. The real substance of the program is a series of quick tips on how to make home videos halfway interesting. Is this something you really need? After all, who really sees home videos but you and the prisoners of your hospitality? Questions of relevance aside, what’s on this disc would in print make for a very small book. So why make a CD-ROM? You can experiment with the zoom button on your own camera! Zelos has made a decent, if slender, product on a fairly insignificant subject.

– April 1995



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