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Virtual Snooker December 8, 2008

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Virtual Snooker

Interplay had a clever gimmick for selling Virtual Pool; they offered a money-back guarantee if your actual pool game didn’t improve. They’ve lifted the gimmick for Virtual Snooker, possibly figuring that there are so few actual snooker players out there that the potential loss is severely limited. They’ve got nothing to be afraid of anyway. Virtual Snooker will improve your game the same way Virtual Pool did – by offering a simulation where every variable can be controlled and the same shot can be practiced forever until you get it right. There’s also a built-in video tutorial featuring Steve Davis, who astounds by using his 1-4-7 break to finish a game before his opponent gets to shoot. The only thing less-than-dazzling about Virtual Snooker is the fact that the graphics sometimes look grainy. Once rendering snobs get past the occasional letdown, however, they’ll find a solid simulation that completely fulfills its promise of teaching skills that are applicable outside of the virtual arena.

– October 1996



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