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Dr. Schueler’s Self Health December 8, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

Dr. Schueler’s Self Health

Imagine this: you’re taking Ceclor daily and Actimmune weekly. Everything that could go wrong today, did. What you really need right now is a drink – if only you could remember which drug does not combine fatally with alcohol. You can’t reach your physician because she’s on vacation and will be back next week. Hey, don’t fret! With Dr. Schueler’s Self Health (Dr. Schueler’s Health Informatics) all you have to do is find your medication, then click on alcohol and analyze. Drug Interaction is only one of the many helpful options available on this CD-ROM. There’s an insurance file where all information for the hospital can be recorded. “Records” has fourteen icons that keeps track of medical facts such as when and what vaccine your child received from 2 months to the age of 6. “Videos” focuses on topics like infants and adult health. “Infodex” lists locations for support groups and resource centers for help in dealing with Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Bulimia, Stress and other problems. Just how educated are you on Vascular Disease, GI, Respiratory, Skin, and Pelvic Cancer? Take the quizzes on these subjects and find out. Are you susceptible to any of these five diseases because of family history, lifestyle, or your occupation? The answers to these questions and more can be found in Self Health.

– May 1996


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