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Blender, 1/96 December 7, 2008

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Blender(Dennis Publishing, bimonthly) is the only digizine that approaches the quality of content present in a good print magazine. Well-conceived and cleverly written articles are at the center of this publication. Of particular note in a recent issue is “Electronic Hollywood,” which astutely details how CD-ROMs are becoming a “digital emergency ward for actors with flagging careers,” offering up Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame (co-starring with former porn star Ginger Lynn) in Wing Commander 3 as a representative example. The piece is nicely supported by on-location video, interviews with Hamill and Lynn, a smirk-inducing videography of Lynn’s former career (“On Golden Blonde”), and solid background material. The current issue provides a Courtney Love Internet filtering device, which turns any text entered into widow Cobain-speak, and other equally clever articles. Blender also covers the usual subjects: movies, music, fashion, culture, and so on, and the reporting is generally high quality. It’s nice to find a digizine in which the medium doesn’t overshadow the message. If you want to see the potential inherent in digizines, this is the one to buy.

– January 1996


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