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Vusic December 6, 2008

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Vusic (Millennium Media Group) bills itself as “The Screen Raver.” Put an audio CD in your CD-ROM drive and this program cooks up a screen saver to the beat. The ‘rave’ part concerns the animations being psychedelic; we assume you’re meant to feel like you dropped a hit of some naughty chemical. We would love to pan this product, which is such an unambitious use of CD-ROM technology that its mere existence lowers the standards of the medium infinitesimally. Vusic, however, is – we reluctantly admit – pretty cool to watch. The animations are repetitive but graceful, full of radiant color and slinky activity. It’s neat to watch the program rush to catch up with your latest audio selection, because it does its job quite well. A song that changes rhythm and feel frequently will fail to throw Vusic for a loop; even a song that suddenly breaks down into ambient noise, with no rhythm at all, fails to confound the light show. Sure, it’s just a screen saver – but everybody needs a screen saver. Music fans and potheads will find Vusic to be a dream come true, or at least the next best thing: a dream with a beat, that goes on for a really long time and shows lots of pretty colors.

– April 1996


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