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Solitaire Deluxe December 6, 2008

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Solitaire Deluxe

If killing time is your goal, you might want to take a look at Solitaire Deluxe (Interplay). Although the program offers no benefits over a real deck of cards – and doesn’t break a sweat trying – it will surely serve to kill many hours for many people, because it’s solitaire, and even without appreciable sound effects, a cogent rulebook, or flashy graphics, the game is addictive and infuriating. The CD-ROM contains 24 versions of solitaire, all presented in a bare-bones fashion. The only sound is the occasional shuffling of cards, and the only graphics are the cards themselves on a plain background. Although the manual goes into detail about the rules of all 24 variations (including Klondike, the most familiar version of “red queen on black king”, Forty Thieves, Beleaguered Castle, and more), the disc itself is vague, presupposing some knowledge of the games, or at least easy access to the manual. Options include tournament play, “replay”, double-deck games, and “auto finish” – a far cry from everything that might have been included here. Too many frills, however, would have been excessive. The disc doesn’t attempt to improve on real-card solitaire (it does, however, improve on itself; there are twelve games in “Deluxe” that were not in the original), recognizing instead that the game that captivated Napolean and FDR would not be any more addictive if it were piled high with gimmicks. If you’ve got the urge to play but not enough desk space to accommodate a real deck, Solitaire Deluxe should keep you happy hour after hour, after hour, after hour…

– November 1995


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