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Piano Discover for Kids December 6, 2008

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Piano Discovery For Kids


Jump Music! has released a thinner version of Piano Discovery, called Piano Discovery for Kids (ages 6-12). The gist of the program is the same ? you can still take piano lessons in a virtual schoolhouse, practice in a bungalow, play skill-sharpening games in an arcade, or show off in a performance hall. There is no “Jam Stage,” though, nor is there a “Discovery Studio” (this latter feature, which provided a simple but wholly adequate digital mixing board, is sorely missed). Fifty songs have been compressed to 33, and the number of lessons has been scaled back to 300. The other big difference is that Piano Discovery for Kids comes with a piece of plastic that fits over your computer keyboard, converting it into a piano keyboard (of sorts), while Piano Discovery came with a real four-octave MIDI-compatible keyboard. We understand Jump?s intention, and we hate to sound snobbish, but the fact is that a piece of plastic on your computer really doesn?t even come close to replicating a four-octave keyboard. It?s a bit of fun, but fun and good intentions don?t make for a satisfying multimedia music-learning experience. The idea of providing a cheaper alternative to Piano Discovery is sound; now Jump Music! should go back to the drawing board and develop a suitable product.

– January 1997



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