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Mind Grind December 6, 2008

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Mind Grind

The wacky CD-ROM trivia game arena has, up until now, been dominated by You Don’t Know Jack!(Berkeley Systems). Now Mind Grind, a new disc from Microforum, is attempting to pinch off a corner of the market. Mind Grind offers a strangely elaborate scenario – a contest between alien races will be held, in the far future, to determine who will earn the right to colonize earth; a race’s capacity for true inspiration can be judged by its accumulation of useless facts about humanity; and so on – to set up five simple trivia games. The five games constitute the heart and soul of the disc – and provide the only opportunity for interaction – but the future/alien-competition scenario keeps poking its head back into the fray, mostly through silly movie clips and animations. The questions themselves fall into ten categories, including brain teasers, sports, inventions, mythology, horror, and world records, which are presented in different ways. One game, for example, challenges you to answer questions in such a way that you complete a tic-tac-toe board; another demands that you answer questions in order to climb a stack of logs. When all the various distractions have been thrown out the window, though, you’re left with a completely average trivia game that lacks the wit and bite of You Don’t Know Jack!

– December 1996



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