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Beauty of Japan Through the Art of Sushi, The December 5, 2008

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The Beauty of Japan Through the Art of Sushi

The Beauty of Japan Through the Art of Sushi (Arome International) is the latest cookbook from Arome, publisher of The Art of Making Great Pastries and Four Seasons of Gourmet French Cuisine. The two-disc set offers three main areas to explore: General Information, How to Prepare Sushi, and Beauty of Japan. The title is heavy with aesthetics, starting with the simple, spare interface ? the icons are all smooth black pebbles ? and it can be confusing until you pass the cursor over every pebble to find out what’s what. There’s plenty of instructional video, de rigeur for multimedia cooking titles. You’ll learn how to slice, roll, and arrange sushi. Watch a sushi master wield his knife as he prepares different dishes; then jump to the tools section to see exactly what you’ll need to duplicate the dishes. In addition to mastering the art of sushi, you can try your hand at Ikebana (Japanese flower arrannging), Origami, and Japanese writings; sections for each skill contain information and diagrams. Hotlinks and hypertext are plentiful, and soothing Japanese music plays in the background. If you’re up to the challenge, you too can be a sushi chef in your very own kitchen.

– November 1995


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