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Word Munchers Deluxe December 4, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Word Munchers Deluxe

If you remember Q-Bert, the classic arcade game with the odd little creature who hopped around a 3D pyramid avoiding things that flew, hopped, and crawled, you’ll have some idea what to expect from Word Munchers Deluxe (MECC, ages 6-11). Although the disc contains only a single game – and a fairly low-tech game at that (it lacks the visual finesse that Q-Bert possessed in 1984) – it still offers one of the more action-packed educational experiences, while delivering a solid helping of learning. The gimmick is always the same: hop around on a small chessboard picking up the object of the moment and avoiding the mean things, which can be disabled if your child is too high-strung. The object of the moment depends what skill level you’re using; the game goes from kindergarten (pick up shapes of certain color or pattern) to fifth grade (pick up certain parts of speech while avoiding others). It’s simple and repetitive, but its also addictive and fast-moving. The lessons learned are solid basics – your child won’t be inspired to write a novel from this program, but he will be able to identify parts of speech faster than any other kid in his class.

– August 1996



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