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Sim Park December 4, 2008

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Sim Park

Need a respite from the urban rat race? Try Sim Park (Maxis – ages 8 & up). Your job as a Park Ranger is to build a park from the ground up. Select a site and a climate, then add trees, plants and animals. You’ll need to manage the budget, stay on top of maintenance chores, and provide amenities for visitors. Be sure to spend some time using the various reference tools built into the program to find out more about different plant and animal species. And pay attention to your friendly amphibian guide, Rizzo. He’s full of eco-tips on how best to care for your animals and plants, and will remind you to check your e-mail in case the head Ranger is trying to reach you. Properly identifying the species in your park, planning adequate bio-diversity, and maintaining a good ratio of predators to prey will go a long way towards impressing your boss. This could lead to a promotion, not to mention a thriving park. Sim Park packages hours of fun with some solid educational content – a sure formula for success.

– December 1996



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