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Kid’s Vid Grid December 4, 2008

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Kid’s Vid Grid

Puzzles are the point of Kid’s Vid Grid (Jasmine Multimedia – ages 5 & up). This is a one-trick pony, albeit a highly customizable trick. Videos of nine cartoons, drawn from the vaults of Hanna-Barbera, are scrambled into a puzzle. There are various levels of difficulty (25 puzzle sizes, four types of puzzle movement, and three types of puzzle orientation) and you can compete against either the clock or another player. The object is to re-assemble the moving pieces of video before the cartoon stops playing. After you solve all the puzzles at the basic level, you’re bumped up to the next level. If it gets too difficult, you can choose the “Solve” button and just view the video. And…that’s all, folks. If you love puzzles, this may keep you busy, but most kids will find these cartoons a bit moldy when compared to today’s fare.

– July 1995

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