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DigiZINE December 4, 2008

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DigiZINE (Ahrens Interactive, published quarterly) contains considerably better original contentthan some other digizines, although it suffers from some of the same problems as Stream. What’s here is a balanced mix of GenX-ish pop-culture, concentrating on music, fashion, digeratzi, and the de rigeur celebration of sub-cultures – in this case ‘zines (of the paper variety) and cartoonist Heather McAdams. The articles range from a topical interview with Howard Rheingold (founder of The Well and all-around digital guru) to a sophomoric, assumptive treatise on ‘Net Paranoia. We wish they’d lose the “mystery game” interface, which makes you hunt for “hidden stuff” in order to access all the content. DigiZINE makes good use of the CD medium overall, throwing in a variety of video and audio treats, none of which involve nudity. And they were the only company bright enough to register the word “Digizine” as a trademark.

– January 1996


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