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Corel CD Office Companion December 4, 2008

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Personal Management Tools

Corel CD Office Companion

Perhaps the most successful of the Personal Management Tools we looked at was the least ambitious. Corel CD Office Companion (Corel Corp.) is a basic ‘suite’ program, combining a handful of office management programs on one disc for convenience and space-saving. You get a fax package, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, some almanacs, an Internet browsing program, a personal organizer, a graphics program for flowcharts, diagrams, schematics, etc. There’s also 15,000 clip art images, 200 photos, 75 soundclips, 500 fonts, 700 standard business form letters, and some diagnostic utilities. The disc delivers everything it promises and doesn’t once ask you to pat yourself on the back, which places it significantly ahead of the competition.

– October 1995


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