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Corel All Movie Guide: The Ultimate Guide to the Movies December 3, 2008

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Corel All Movie Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Movies

For those who prefer raw information to polish and thirty-second film clips comes Corel All Movie Guide: The Ultimate Guide to the Movies (Corel CD HOME), which very nearly lives up to its self-aggrandizing title. 90,000 movies are represented on the disc – over four times the number included on the Blockbuster guide – with about half of them features. The other half is assorted documentaries and children’s films. With this much data you might expect each movie to be presented only cursorily, but the disc is a pleasant surprise. Every film has credits, a brief synopsis, links to movies of similar type and movies made by the same people, and several kinds of ratings (a five-star system, historical importance, production quality, artistic quality, and more). Some of them also have expository passages to put them in a broader context. There’s a similarly tremendous list of people, including directors, actors, cameramen, writers, etc., and for the bigger stars there are even clips from interviews. Watch Kim Basinger flounce her way through an awkward silence, or Warren Beatty come out of his shell to wax poetic about Al Pacino’s brilliance. All of the content, however, is only raw material; Corel has done a fine job sprucing up this package with features, although they haven’t wasted much effort making it look pretty. For each movie you can choose thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or in-the-middle. After the program gets to know your personal tastes, it will recommend other films to rent or buy. The search function is impressively powerful, so that even a fragment of knowledge about a film will quickly lead you right to it. The “3D video store” section of the disc offers several different ways of browsing the program, plus some fun stuff like trivia games and crossword puzzles. The only possible flaw with the program is its presentation of subjective phenomenon (like historical importance or artistic quality) as fact, but that’s to be expected from any program that’s intended for use as a guide.

– March 1996



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