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Baseball’s Greatest Hits December 3, 2008

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Baseball’s Greatest Hits

If you expect to see anything from 1970 on, you won’t find it on Baseball’s Greatest Hits (The Voyager Co.). There’s one video per decade. You’ll have to be content with the audio while you stare at a black TV screen. On the other hand, if the earlier decades interest you, there’s plenty here; old film clips and radio broadcasts give you a feel for the era. The voice of Mel Allen introduces the disc and offers commentary, a nice touch. Articles from notable sports writers, the great Red Smith among them, are abundant, but many are not dated, so if you get to one via a full-text search and it begins “Today the Yankees did it again…,” it’s hard to get your chronological bearings. The interface is the notable strength on this CD-ROM; you’re never confused about where to click or how to navigate. Even kids will find it easy to move through the reams of material, but they better have a vivid imagination because, most of the time, they will only be able to read or hear about baseball’s great moments on this disc.

– March 1995



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