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Multimedia IQ Test December 2, 2008

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Multimedia IQ Test

One of the few self-evaluation programs that provides tangible feedback is Multimedia IQ Test (Virtual Entertainment). The debate about the objective value of IQ tests falls well beyond our purview, and seems also to fall beyond the purview of the creators of this disc, who have included a sober introduction stressing that IQ tests might not really measure anything. Before you start wondering why you bought the damn thing, if it’s so worthless, you’re whisked ahead into the test itself. This is the same test used by the Army, with a few visual flairs and a graph at the end that displays your relation to the rest of humanity. 150 questions in 40 minutes are divided into vocabulary, math problems, and block counting. There’s only one test on the disc, so it’s not likely to keep you busy for very long. What’s here is probably sufficient, however, to scar an impressionable child for life.

– October 1995


One Response to “Multimedia IQ Test”

  1. paulneedzafriend Says:

    There’s more to intelligence than IQ.
    IQ tests are really overrated.
    They challenge only a small portion of intelligence. Real intelligence runs much deeper than puzzles.
    You should check out http://www.paulneedzaeducation.com for some great insight into all 4 sides of intelligence.

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