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Louis Cat Orze: The Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace December 2, 2008

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Louis Cat Orze: The Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace

Louis Cat Orze: The Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace (IVI Publishing, Inc., ages 10 & up)is a entertaining trip through French history, carefully disguised as a mystery. Louis, the cat to know at Versailles, is your guide and companion as you struggle to solve the riddle of the missing necklace. If you have a penchant for Sherlock Holmes and/or a desire to learn a little history, this CD-ROM will satisfy both needs. Start with the “Prologue,” as Louis suggests. It sets the stage for the mystery and explains the interface. There are five icons; three represent the usual Help-Skip-Quit options, while the other two offer a card game to win bribe money, and a hall of beautifully digitized paintings where you can learn more about the historical characters. In each scene of the game, you get brief animations and the chance to hear every character speak (the voices range from excellent to horrendous) – double click and you get a biography of the important people of the period. The graphics are an inventive blend of cartoon-style drawings with lovely historical touches. The game is fun, but the emphasis is more on the history than action, so you can’t help learning while you play.

– December 1995


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