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Doonesbury Election Game, The December 2, 2008

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The Doonesbury Election Game

Tired of politics as a spectator sport? Think you could do a better job than James Carville or Mary Maitlin? The Doonesbury Election Game (Mindscape) lets you run the whole show. As campaign manager, you get to choose the candidates (real or invented) and then put together a staff made up of Doonebury characters like Lacey, J.J., Duke, and Mike filling key positions like press secretary, finance manager, and spin doctor. Then you can send Hillary and Shirley Chisholm off to debate Ross and Jerry Brown, or have Newt spend five days on a whistle-stop tour of Idaho, or force Pat Buchanan to spend all his money on pro-environment ads. But before you do any of that, you’d better read every word of the manual, and then you had better not deviate one whit from what it tells you. You’ll need to keep track of electoral data, schedules, personnel, finances, polls, debates, the news, random events, and dirty tricks, to name just a few of the areas under your domain. It’s an awful lot of work. And except for the occasional clever banner or animated Doonesbury character, it’s not that much fun. On the other hand, if you really do want to run a campaign, you’ll experience everything but the Chicken ? la King with this simulation.

-January 1996



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