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Capitalism December 2, 2008

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Capitalism (Interactive Magic), however, makes Gazillionaire – even at its most advanced level – seem like a child’s game. Capitalism is a high-stakes, extremely serious simulator that can take a whole afternoon just to learn. The setting is present day; the issues are recognizable, and the products are real. At first you’ll be scrambling to set up a small company and keep it going, but eventually you’ll have to expand your horizons – a single small company is not enough to help you rule the international business world. Hire a CEO to run your initial endeavor, and start casting lines for your next venture. Eventually hostile takeovers and stock market manipulations enter the picture, but by that time you’ll be so profit-blinded that you’ll welcome the chance to up the stakes. The program demands that you understand every level of your business, from production and transport to sales and market manipulation. And don’t forget to advertise! If you’ve got the itch, the cojones, the number-crunching brain, and a tremendous amount of free time – but not the actual capital – then Capitalism is just what you’ve been waiting for.

– January 1996

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