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100 Japanese Photographers, 1993 December 2, 2008

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100 Japanese Photographers, 1993

The most obvious problem with both 100 Japanese Photographers, 1993 (Synergy) and Still Lives: Diane Wesson (Synergy) is with their interfaces. Neither self-evident nor explained, they frustrated a number of our reviewers. Once deciphered, they turn out to be of very simple design, but remain frustrating. The onscreen buttons are tiny and hard to find; hot spots are invisible and bounce around so that it feels like you’re playing an awkward arcade game. Those of us who persisted were more engaged by the Diane Wesson title than by 100 Japanese Photographers. The photos in Still Lives are lovely. There is a brief biography, an artist’s statement, an essay, and an entire book on women photographers. It’s a well-conceived package, excepting the soundtrack which, fortunately, is optional; it consists of a single boring piece of music. An interesting footnote: this is the first publication of Diane Wesson’s work in any medium. 100 Japanese Photographers contains approximately 1,000 photographs, but neither the quality nor the diversity impressed us. It was more like those annuals that ad agencies put out than a collection meant for art lovers.

– March 1995



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