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Voodoo Lounge December 1, 2008

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Voodoo Lounge

The thing made most clear by the Rolling Stones CD-ROM, Voodoo Lounge (GTE Entertainment), is that a lot of criticism being aimed in other directions these days should in fact be focused squarely on Mick, Keith, Ron, and whoever else isn’t underground yet. The recent James Bond effort, for example, has everybody talking about “misogynist dinosaurs”, but it’s the Voodoo Lounge CD-ROM that features young women gyrating endlessly and pointlessly into the camera. And maybe Woody Allen deserves a break: his latest movie doesn’t showcase a variety of girls (who are denied the power of speech) writhing suggestively while a man in his fifties hits on them. Well, OK, it does, but you see the point we’re trying to make. And although Jim Carrey takes some heat for the dumbing-down of American entertainment, it’s Voodoo Lounge, not Ace Ventura, that has incessant audio single-entendres urging you to, basically, get drunk and get naked. The selection of music is not anywhere near stellar enough to save the rest of this disc, which seems to have taken inspiration from the Artist Formerly Known as Prince’s CD-ROM; it’s a mostly pointless collection of brief audio and video samples, assembled under the umbrella of a rock star’s ego. It’s a pleasure to see the Stones being as raunchy as ever on stage, which makes us all feel forever young. The static nature of CD-ROMs is less forgiving of idiocy, however, than the fleeting, highly-charged atmosphere of a big arena rock concert. When you find Keith planted at the bar or Mick chatting up somebody’s daughter in the women’s bathroom, it’s a little too close to the truth to be much fun.

-May 1996


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