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Super Solvers Family, The December 1, 2008

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Kid’s Education

The Super Solvers Family

An “edutainment” program that errs on the side of action is The Super Solvers Family (ages 7-12), from The Learning Company. Four educational games are so well-ensconced in arcade-style gameplay that they end up losing some of their educational value. If you’re not fascinated by arcade games and you don’t thrill at the notion of pushing buttons, you’ll be disappointed that the educational content comes few and far between. The evil Morty serves as your nemesis; defeat him with your intelligence and your impeccable hand-eye coordination. Spellbound is a glorified spelling bee, where you strive to out-spell the evil spelling robots. Gizmos and Gadgets challenges you to assemble a vehicle that will outrace Morty’s; you do this by solving logic puzzles (mostly involving gears) and throwing bananas at thieving monkeys. Outnumbered uses a math puzzle, and Midnight Rescue uses another logic puzzle. Graphics are mediocre, sound effects are often grating, and it can take forever to navigate through the program. Kids with very short attention spans might need something like this to stay interested, but average kids deserve a little more credit for their patience.

– August 1996


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