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Dreamland November 30, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Dreamland; Space; Time

The Fun School series of discs (Expert Software) includes Dreamland (ages 5-8), Space (ages 7-10), and Time (ages 9-12). Although each disc purports to cover different subjects, there is a fair amount of overlap. Space, for example, offers Mega Math and Alien Art; Dreamland offers The Number-town Dream and the Paint-Book Dream; Time offers Cave School and Persian Paint. Despite subtle differences, these are all basically math and art activities, involving two kids and a dinosaur playing a bunch of slightly educational, low production-value games. The discs – at various points, and with some overlap – also teach logic, spelling, music, time, and more. The graphics and play action are less than stunning, but the games are consistently – if barely – amusing, which is slightly above par for a lot of educational software. Solve math problems to move through a two-dimensional maze, unscramble words in a virtual cave, or sort recyclable garbage by type. There are a few places where the disc’s cheapness results in serious misfires, like the inclusion of a really lame paint program for the “art” section in Time. For the most part, however, the discs are humble, mildly diverting, slightly educational CD-ROMs that should keep your kids occupied for several hours, and might even teach them something at the same time.

– August 1996


One Response to “Dreamland”

  1. Rams Says:

    WOW!! Do you still have these disc? I was looking for them to download (if possible). I was wondering if you could tell me if you had them or not. I miss that game “Space”.

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