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Quest For Fame starring Aerosmith November 29, 2008

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Quest For Fame starring Aerosmith

Put aside your CD-Plus discs and strap on the Virtual Guitar for an experience that substitutes dumb fun for failed ambition. Quest For Fame starring Aerosmith (Virtual Music), the latest application for this guitar-without-strings, asks that you accept certain givens at the outset, and then gives you a chance to rock out with the Bad Boys From Boston from bedroom to garage and, eventually, live from the Humongodome. Don’t deceive yourself: the virtual guitar has little to do with a real guitar, and won’t teach you much in the way of melody. Play along with eight songs, mostly by Aerosmith, covering the guitar part of your choice: rhythm, lead, stunt, etc. For each part the computer gives you a predetermined pattern of beats, and you’ve got to hit them to stay in the game. It’s more challenging than it sounds, even on the easiest skill level, and if you do master this piece of equipment you will have developed some of the skills necessary for a real musician, like consistency, rhythm, and the ability to play with others. But it’s really the abundant touches of humor that enliven Quest for Fame: after a good jam in your bedroom, your mother might knock on the door and tell you it was ‘bitching’ before she asks you to clean your room, and the attitudes of your various bandmates are right on the money: self-serving, impatient, and quick to criticize. There are no strings to bend or whammy bars to twist, but that won’t stop the imaginative Virtual Guitar player from falling to his knees during a good round with this CD-ROM.

– October 1995


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