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Math Blaster: Episode 1 – In Search of Spot November 29, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Math Blaster: Episode 1 – In Search of Spot

Math Blaster: Episode 1 – In Search of Spot (ages 6-12) and Math Blaster: Episode 2 – Secret of the Lost City (ages 8-13), are from Davidson & Associates. Games are used here to build a solid mathematical foundation. While the programs have different plots, they share a similar format. In Episode 1, Blasternaut needs your help to find Spot, who has been kidnapped by the Trash Alien. In Episode 2, you must help him stop Dr. Minus from destroying the home planet. Your mission (choose a short or long mission) involves four activities which must be completed in sequence. There are many ways to customize the programs, which allows kids to focus more on one subject area than another. Once you’ve covered the basics, you can move on to more challenging problems, at a more difficult level. Fans of Nintendo will be right at home. You can zap garbage, find your way out of a underground cave, or navigate through a maze. You’ll need to spend some time mastering the interface, and younger kids may have a struggle in some of the games (dexterity with a mouse is a big help). The strength of these CD-ROMs lies in the multiple layers of content and the highly flexible way that you can access them.

– August 1995


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