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Lose Weight the French Way! November 29, 2008

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Lose Weight the French Way!

Lose Weight the French Way! (IMSI) purports to teach you how to “eat what you like and still lose weight,” inspired by the fact that the French eat like a bunch of heifers yet have half the incidence of obesity of Americans. The CD-ROM begins by asking a variety of questions, which our reviewer happily answered while scarfing down three hotdogs and a Coke. Characterizing himself as a 5’6″ 280 pound smoker with hypertension and cholesterol problems, he told the program he wanted to get down to 78 pounds. The program recommended he shoot for 140 as a “more realistic goal.” With a slide show, the disc then described its basic (and only) tenet: foods which cause high blood sugar should be avoided, since they trigger insulin reactions, and when fatty acids are present in the blood during insulin reactions, they are stored as fat. So eating “the French way” involves avoiding eating high glycemic-index foods together with fatty ones. The program ignores the obvious – you wouldn’t have to worry about glycemia if you cut down your intake of fatty foods. It also pooh-poohs absolutely every other method of slimming, including exercise, lowering caloric intake, and moderation. And although the word “French” is plastered all over the packaging, it’s mentioned only in the beginning of the program and then forgotten entirely. The only other things offered are a chart of “Glycemic Indexes” (one page), and a section entitled “A Few Recipes.” When they say “a few” they aren’t kidding: five starters, four main dishes, and three desserts for a grand total of 12! In touting this program, the packaging boasts “After all, 3 million people can’t be wrong!” Sure they can: just look at Jerry Lewis.

– June 1996



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