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Multimedia Family Bible November 28, 2008

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Multimedia Family Bible

With Multimedia Family Bible (Candlelight Publishing) you get the King James Version, 44 bible stories, maps, photos, a Greek and Hebrew Lexicon, and a study guide. You also get a simple Windows-style interface with a “Toolbelt” at the top and Option buttons at the bottom of the screen. This gives the illusion of easy navigation but, as you navigate around the program, the windows pile up on top of each other. If you don’t clean up as you go, you won’t have access to the “Toolbelt” or the Option buttons. The design could be improved, since jumping around a program is one of the pluses of this technology. Content could also stand further attention – it’s adequate, but there’s room for much more. Lastly, the dramatized stories are not particularly gripping (comparisons are inevitable after listening to James Earl Jones), but might hold the attention of kids.

– May 1995

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