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Masters, The: An Interactive Journey Through Its Sixty-Year History November 28, 2008

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The Masters: An Interactive Journey Through Its Sixty-Year History

Certain phenomenon that are, for whatever reasons, especially susceptible to criticism from uninvolved outsiders – like Neil Young (the falsetto), Star Trek (the outfits), or golf (the pace) – tend to inspire an almost fanatical devotion from protective fans. There is no question that the creators of The Masters: An Interactive Journey Through Its Sixty-Year History (Creative Multimedia) are passionate about the game of golf. The tone of this disc is nothing short of awe-struck, but there’s a sort of ingenuousness about the whole thing that elevates the proceedings above the level of mere worship. It doesn’t occur to these guys for a second that there might be anything wrong with devoting this much attention to the game. By the time you’re finished with The Masters, you might well agree. Five sections illuminate the tournament, the course, the history, the people responsible, and the players involved with such precise detail and infectious enthusiasm that it’s difficult not to get swept along with the flow. For hard core devotees, complete statistics covering the tournament year by year should provide hours of number-crunching bliss. For those who are less committed there are amusing anecdotes, video clips of breathtaking putts and holes-in-one, and elaborate 3-D computer animations of every hole at the Augusta National course, complete with contour lines to help improve your game there. Interviews with Bobby Jones and Cliff Roberts, the founders of the tournament, and a handful of famous players, add a personal touch. There are also some nifty extras, including documents (the brochure for the first tournament, thank-you letters from victors over the years), aerial videos of each hole, photographs, trivia, and charts upon charts. For fans, the disc might well prove indispensable, and for those interested in learning about the game it provides a fine introduction.

– November 1995


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