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Imagination Express: Destination Ocean November 28, 2008

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Creativity Tools

Imagination Express: Destination Ocean

Imagination Express: Destination Ocean, the newest addition to Edmark’s interactive storybook series, received mixed reviews from our stalwart staff of young critics. Although everybody agrees that there’s some fun to be had, some feel that it’s a “weird” kind of fun: “the sort of fun your mother thinks you should have”. They don’t mean educational so much as they mean corny. There is also a consensus that, although the program may be appropriate for those already fascinated by the ocean, it is not good enough to spark interest in somebody who’s not predisposed toward the subject matter. The point of the disc is to encourage young kid to create an E-book (electronic book) about the ocean using text, pictures, and sound. Take a cue from Story Ideas, then add vocal recordings, prefab stickers, and prerecorded sound. There’s also a Fact Book to teach you things that might give your story more depth – if you can fathom that. Obvious undersea elements, like dolphins and scuba divers, have been included on the prefab sticker sheet, but if you want to let your imagination run wild the program will not accommodate you, a problem that has plagued all of the Imagination Express installments. The inclusion of a drawing tool, so kids would not be limited to using images supplied by the program, would remove a lot of constraints from the disc. We recommend Destination Ocean for ocean freaks and young kids. The older end of the recommend age spread, which is 6 to 12, can better express themselves elsewhere.

– March 1996


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