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Swiss Family Robinson November 26, 2008

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Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson (ages 8 & up), another title from Orange Cherry, has all the same defects as The Adventures of Pinocchio, but here you’ll need to read the manual just to find the menu bar which hides at the bottom of the screen until you move the cursor over that area. Clearly some attention was given to the design of this facet of the program. Too bad the same attention wasn’t given to the problems that arise when you want read the text and see the animation. The text comes up over the graphic, so if there is any animation, you can’t access it while the text is on-screen. Toggling back and forth between the graphic and the text makes for a less-than-seamless multimedia experience. Good narration and music don’t compensate for the clunkiness of this title.

-July 1995


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