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Herbalist, The November 26, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

The Herbalist

For a real change of pace, we looked at The Herbalist (Hopkins Technology). Billed as a “mini-encyclopedia of herbalism,” this title lives up to the advertisement. David L. Hoffman, author of a number of books on herbalism, is the authority for the information on this CD-ROM. He is also your guide on your stroll through the herb garden and throughout the text. This interface presents a pleasant country scene, complete with footbridge and pond. David will walk you through the herb garden and explain what’s what. You can investigate the healing properties of herbs, find out which one helps which ailment, and so on. While this is primarily a text-based program, there are a number of audio/visual elements, including the unusual addition of songs and verse from Jim Duke’s Herbalbum. If you’re interested in herbal healing, The Herbalist will get you started.

– June 1995


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