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Fisher-Price Sing Alongs: Barnyard Rhythm & Moos November 26, 2008

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Fisher-Price Sing Alongs: Barnyard Rhythm & Moos

Fisher-Price Sing Alongs: Barnyard Rhythm & Moos (Davidson, ages 3-7) contains 13 songs, from classics like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Row Row Row Your Boat to original concoctions reflecting contemporary styles, like Bunny Hip Hop and Barnhouse Rock. The interface, like that of Fisher-Price’s most recent effort, ABCs, is populated with big picturesque animals to which kids seem to relate easily. In Sing-Along you get the option of exploring the entire farm by point-and-clicking, going straight to the sing-along barn, or watching music videos. Although there’s a lot of repetition – the 13 songs are scattered hither-and-yon in various excerpts, and you hear the same clips over and over again, regardless of which method you’re using to explore – our young game-testers didn’t seem to mind. Simplicity appeals to them, and simplicity is what this program has to offer. The occasional touch of humor jumps out just when you’ve given up, like Elvis Pigsley, who delivers Barnhouse Rock, gyrating shamelessly before drawling “Thank you – thank you very much.” It won’t take long for parents to leave kids alone with their computers to play this one.

– December 1995


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