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Family Doctor, 4th Edition, The November 26, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

The Family Doctor, 4th Edition

There is a certain sameness to these medical programs: lots of data on medications and symptoms, convenient record-keeping systems, and numerous airtight disclaimers. The differences are primarily in the appearance of the interface and the amount of bells and whistles. The Family Doctor, 4th Edition (Creative Media), is low on bells and whistles; the gimmick is a doctor’s waiting room, with doors to a library, exam room, and first aid center clearly visible. “Nurse Francis” and “Doctor Nakimura” animate briefly, but fortunately you don’t have to put up with them more than once. Apart from this display conceit, the program is, again, primarily text-based. There is, again, an enormous amount of information available. Seven huge encyclopedic databases are included in the library, from the Random House Health and Medicine Dictionary to drug listings to alternative health remedies. The first aid door leads to a comprehensive course plus a “challenge” that tests your skills and your knowledge. The medical records section offers numerous ways to profile yourself. The exam room presents “self diagnosis” tools – talk about disclaimers! – as well useful anatomy illustrations. Navigation is easy and flexible, with lots of different ways to move around, and lots of access points to the information. Bottom line: if you want this kind of medical reference tool around the house, then The Family Doctor is a perfectly satisfactory choice.

– May 1996


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