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Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Guide November 26, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Guide

Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Guide (DK Multimedia), based on a book that is hugely popular in England, has a new life in multimedia. This disc is divided into four sections: a Questionnaire, Case Files, Programs, and a “Sexopedia.” After filling out your personal survey, Ms. Hooper (cool and precise with fine upper-crust diction) suggests a “programme” of topics for you to follow; nearly everything (heterosexually speaking, at least) is covered on this disc, including several activities that would give Jesse Helms a conniption. The Case Files section offers up hypothetical couples with a variety of problems, ranging from pregnancy to sexual boredom. Finally, the Sexopedia, the sexual reference section upon which all the other sections draw (entries are frequently amusing, as in the listing for a “three-handed massage”) includes numerous videos to illustrate different sexual problems and pursuits. There are a few annoyances, like the lack of a fast forward button on the videos (which, as you might imagine, can get a little, um, repetitive). Overall it’s a better than average treatment of the topic, and a decent multimedia reference work.

– May 1996


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