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Dr. T’s Sing-Along Kid’s Classics November 25, 2008

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Dr. T’s Sing-Along Kid’s Classics

There’sa new edition of Dr. T’s Sing-Along Kid’s Classics (Dr. T’s Music Software – ages 3-10). The 25 songs on the disc, including Fr?re Jacques, Oh Susanna, and Three Blind Mice can (and will) be played over and over by little kids. You can watch video, follow along with the lyrics and music, or record your own versions in the “Karaoke for Kids” section. There are brief descriptions (text and audio) of the origin of each song, an option to take out the guide vocals (alternately male and female), and the ability to mix sound levels of the music. You can choose between customary musical notation and guitar tablature. When you print, the program prints real music sheets that include both music and tablature. Finally, in certain places, you can control the tempo of the songs. Dr. T’s Sing-Along Kid’s Classics offers all the basics with a dash of sophistication thrown in. And you can play the songs in your audio CD player.

– July 1995



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