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Baseball Encyclopedia, The November 25, 2008

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The Baseball Encyclopedia

The Baseball Encyclopedia, 1996 Edition (Macmillan Digital) should be called The Baseball Encyclopedia of Statistics, because that’s what this CD-ROM is all about. There are stats on players, pitchers, managers, and teams. You can sift through all these stats using many different criteria: number of home runs, doubles, at bats, winning percentage, strikeouts, etc. Still hungry? The Almanac section offers a “statistical narrative on year-to-year or all-time records.” Once you digest all these stats, go to the Bill James Season Simulator section to try your hand at managing. Put together a team to compete against the computer or take your team online to play other dream teams (that will cost you a $114.00 franchise fee plus other charges). The Baseball Encyclopedia was produced in conjunction with STATS, Inc., a sports information and statistical analysis company. You can log on to their database for daily statistical updates. Also interesting – and unique – are the scouting reports offered on current major league players (quickly sketching their most recent history and prospects for 1996). All this data could be presented in a more appealing format; drab standard Windows interface with a too-small font is not conducive to the kind of browsing a stat-lover does. Dull appearance notwithstanding, The Baseball Encyclopedia could fast become thebaseball fanatic’s bible.

– October 1996



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