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Story of the World Cup November 24, 2008

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Story of the World Cup

Ever bought a piece of computer equipment only to find that, on getting it home, it’s already outdated? Then you’re familiar with the feeling we got looking at the Story of the World Cup (Attica Cybernetics/Cambrix), a 1994 release. Considering that the 1994 World Cup, the first-ever in the U.S., was probably the biggest thing to happen to American soccer in a century, it seems reasonable to assume that it would be included in this CD-ROM. Wrong! We find it hard to understand why the publishers of this disc didn’t wait the few months it would have taken to be able to include this tournament. Whatever their reasons, the ’94 World Cup is represented here only in the most basic form, as an empty tournament “tree.” You have to fill in the results yourself. In essence, then, the Story of the World Cup is already five years old, since the most recent World Cup it covers is 1990. Disappointing, to be sure. What is here isn’t bad: lots and lots of video clips, extensive biographies of many players, and good background information. The interface is fairly clunky, however, with some videos refusing to play full-screen, and the program occasionally freezing. Choosing the “Next” button when there isn’t a next screen causes a system error message. The title starts to give you a feeling for why soccer has become so popular with kids, and why CD-ROMs haven’t. Let’s hope the publisher updates this disc, and soon.

– November 1995


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