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Picture Perfect Golf November 24, 2008

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Picture Perfect Golf

Picture Perfect Golf (Lyriq International Corporation) uses thousands of real photographs to create – according to the packaging – “golf action so real you can almost smell the grass!” The italics, and the exclamation point, are theirs. Picture Perfect Golf does indeed use photographs to depict many different positions on the Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) golf course. The course is beautiful – particularly the 14th hole, “floating” on an island in a lake – so the photographs succeed in making the program a vivid and pleasant experience, even though the golf game itself is inferior to such stalwarts as Microsoft Golf. This one uses the same old devices to approximate a game of golf – a swing meter with one notch for strength and one for accuracy – but the controls are less sensitive and flexible than those of Microsoft Golf, leaving less room for fine control. The photographs, however, pick up the slack, and make Picture Perfect Golf the best-looking golf game on the market, if not the most realistic.

– October 1996



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