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Mayo Clinic Family Health Disc November 23, 2008

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Mayo Clinic Family Health Disc

The information-rich Mayo Clinic Family Health Disc (IVI Publishing) offers the option of loading Netscape Navigator upon installation, so you can go on-line to chat with other Family Health users and receive the Mayo Clinic newsletter. Even without that feature this would be an impressive, comprehensive, and aptly titled disc; it’s hard to imagine that there is anything more a family might need to know on the subject of health. All the information, of course, enjoys the authority of the Mayo Clinic imprimatur. The wide-ranging program offers a variety of useful features, like personal history profiles, searches that can be easy or advanced (along with boolean operators), and sections on such subjects as Fitness, Exercise, Eating Right, Modern Care, and Dealing with Death. Click on Anatomy and you see a picture of a briefs-clad man. Move the cursor up and down his body and settle on the “lower body,” for example, then click on a limb or feature, and you get a description, often with an excellent scientific graphic. The text is so rich that the “multimedia” features – such as on-screen narrators – often seem to be in the way rather than useful; fortunately, the narrators can be clicked off.

– May 1996, Health & Anatomy


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