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Complete Maus, The November 23, 2008

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The Complete Maus

Complete Maus, The (The Voyager Company) contains both volumes of the comic book in their entirety, two hours of audio interviews between the author/artist Art Spiegelman and his father, original sketches, samples of the author’s research material, family photographs, and even some video, which was taken mostly by Spiegelman’s wife during a trip to Auschwitz. For a change, the book itself – the story of Spiegelman, his father, and his father’s experiences as a Jew during the Holocaust – does not suffer from being re-purposed to CD-ROM. The disc is very careful not to ruin the balance of the printed page, and provides a zoom-out option for appreciating the composition in its entirety, before zooming in for ease of reading and clarification of detail. The multimedia hotspots on the pages work wonderfully, enhancing the experience in a way that few other hotspots have ever accomplished. To hear Vladek’s real voice as you read the story is nothing less than heartbreaking; to see Spiegelman and Auschwitz on video reminds you that the cats and mice are only a device – the story is about people, and it’s true. The heart of the disc, of course, is Maus itself. The simplicity and honesty of the comic can not be described, they must be experienced. The CD-ROM, by offering multimedia glimpses into the process that resulted in the creation of the book, is a valuable tool for fully appreciating the work.

– February 1996, Literature



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