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Music for Multimedia November 22, 2008

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Music for Multimedia

MIDI Master Collection Volume 2

Chestnut has published some MIDI collections created by Romeo Music; the first two installments are Music for Multimedia and MIDI Master Collection Volume 2. These collections are intended for use by programmers. Make a video game or a multimedia presentation, then steal a few audio clips from these discs. Don’t worry about copyright infringement – they’ve taken care of all the legalities. With clips like these, we can’t imagine they had much trouble getting the rights. MIDI tends towards the artificial-sounding, and therefore, often, towards the irritating. Every once in awhile there’s a nice simulated piano sound, but that’s about the most you can hope for. Check out “Blues Progression” on Music for Multimedia to hear the nice simulated piano sound. Once the ten second clip has finished, try to find another one that is not painfully tinny – it’s the challenge of a lifetime. MIDI Master Collection Volume 2 adds insult to injury by offering blatantly incorrect examples of modern musical genres. Mariah Carey is served up as an example of hip-hop, while Spin Doctors are mentioned as avatars of grunge. Blame “famous Harvard Music PhD James Romeo” for the glaring inaccuracy of the disc. According to him, rock sounds like really lousy disco and so does country, classical, folk, zydeco, jazz, and rap.

-May 1996


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