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Muppets Treasure Island November 22, 2008

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Adventure & Mystery

Muppets Treasure Island

There aren’t too many full-blown Adventure/Mystery titles for kids, so we were excited about Muppets Treasure Island (Activision – all ages). Perhaps it’s because our expectations were so high that we found ourselves somewhat disappointed. The last Muppets CD-ROM, Muppets Inside(Starwave), was charming and a lot of a fun, and Activision has been hitting home runs lately, most notably with Spycraft andZork: Nemesis. Muppets Treasure Island would have had to be pretty spectacular to satisfy us, and it’s not. There’s nothing wrong with the look of the program, which is fancy, high-budget, mostly 3D, and possessed of a lovely, muted color scheme. There’s also nothing wrong with the cast of characters, which includes favorites like Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear, Gonzo, and the rest, while throwing in a splash of Treasure Island (Long John Silver and Hawkins, played by you). The program falls short in two key areas – genuine wit and entertaining play-action. While very young kids will find plenty to giggle about, there’s not much here to amuse older kids or parents (the Muppets, at their best, are capable of keeping the whole family in stitches). Similarly, the mystery is too easy to be much fun for anybody over 7, and too by-the-book to be surprising even to a 7-year-old. Games and challenges pop up everywhere, forcing you to kill time before you can proceed through the story. Find a nice suit so you can get into the squire’s house and therefore onto his boat; once you’ve found the suit, you must play a pie-throwing game to earn the money to buy it. As soon as you’re on board the schooner you’re given five chores to complete before you can move farther. These unrelated activities, within an overall mystery, are a pet peeve of ours, and the disc serves them up in spades. Muppets Treasure Island is good for very little kids, but it’s disappointing to everybody else – especially us.

– October 1996


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