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Medio Magazine November 22, 2008

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Medio Magazine

If you like People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Life, you’re the right audience for Medio Magazine (Medio Multimedia Inc., monthly). Medio tries to give you all that and more. With seven issues already out, Medio is styled as a general interest CD-ROM magazine. On first glance there appears to be a great deal of content in each of the sections, which include News, Sports, Entertainment, Living, SciTech, Business & Finance, Kidstuff. But after spending some time with the discs, we found that there often isn’t much depth. A lot of the articles are based on wire service stories. They are text-based and not very engaging. Some stories cry out for graphics, like a tour of an art gallery, but there is none. In others, it’s obvious that Medio has put some time and effort into the piece, like the feature on a comic book with an audio interview and extensive illustrations. This makes a big difference. More depth and more texture are needed here. Just because a CD-ROM allows you a huge amount of space for information doesn’t mean you have to use it all. Medio is introducing a number of changes (see the accompanying sidebar), so we’ll take another look in a few months.

– May 1995

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